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Tower Beach - Soccer Camp Curriculum

Monday – Passing and Receiving

Technical Instruction

  • Parts of the foot to use when passing and receiving the ball.
  • Preparation touches.
  • First touch away from pressure.
  • Weight of pass.

Tactical Instruction

  • When to utilize a pass on the ground, chip, or driven ball.
  • Utilizing the pass to eliminate defenders.

Tuesday – Possession

Technical Instruction

  •  How do we pass the ball to a teammate in order to hold possession? Front foot targets, leading into space, or playing to feet.

Tactical Instruction

  • Utilizing the pass to eliminate defenders.
  • Triangle shape through the central mid field.
  • Switching the point of attack using the back line.
  • Utilizing the negative drop to hold possession.

Wednesday – Attacking/Finishing

Technical Instruction

  • Parts of the foot to use when finishing. Instep or laces.
  • Situational finishing: Power vs. Finesse

Tactical Instruction

  • Possession in the attacking third.
  • Generating attack via goal line penetration, drawn ball to the 6.
  • Weak side vs. Strong side runs.

Thursday – Defending

Technical Instruction

  • 1 v 1 defending, show attacker to one side.
  • Bent run on approach, fast to slow on approach to not over commit.
  • Communication between 1st and 2nd defenders.

Tactical Instruction

  • Utilizing pressure, cover, balance.
  • Team defending.

Friday – Game Day

Game Day: This can include a 3 v 3 tournament, large sided and small sided games. Fun camp games that include topics learned throughout the week.

Tower Beach FC - Adult Summer League - Sponsored by Big Oyster Brewery!

What: 7v7 Co-Ed Adult Summer League

Where: Cape Henlopen High School - Bermuda Grass Fields

When: Wednesday Nights (June 12 - July 31). Kickoff: 6:00 PM.

Cost: $100.00 + small registration fee (Includes: jersey, field rental, referee fees and insurance)

Registration is now closed. 

Questions? Email Patrick Kilby:

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High School Summer League Registration

Register for High School Summer League at Cape Henlopen HIgh School. The league will be played on Thursday evenings in June and July. The fee is $65.00 (+ small processing fee.) If your high school is not officially playing in the league, you can still join. We will add you to a team! Email Patrick Kilby with questions:

Thank you to our wonderful Adult League Sponsor, sign up today to play in summer time league!

Thank you Big Oyster Brewery for sponsoring adult summer league! Sign up today to play on Wednesday nights during the months of June and July. Take advantage of post game deals at Big Oyster!

Tower Beach FC, LLC

Tower Beach FC is an organization structured to provide the youth of Southern Delaware the opportunity to play soccer at all levels. Currently we are providing summer camps, a winter futsal youth league and a adult summer league. All events will occur at Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, DE.